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 Ampex MR-70 Vacuum Tube
(Nuvistor) Studio Recorder

Ampex MR-70 4 1

     Several MR-70's have come through the shop over the years. These are considered by many to be the best of the vacuum tube era. The exact number built is not known but Ampex lost a fortune on the ones they did sell. They were made under the engineering leadership of Rein Narma (Fairchild 670 & more), however, in an AES interview, Mr. Narma said his participation on the MR project was limited. These machines sound fantastic but require a lot of time and patience to bring to spec.

Ampex MR-70 4 2


Ampex MR-70 4 3


Ampex MR-70 4 4


Ampex MR-70 4 5


Ampex MR-70 4 6


Ampex MR-70 4 7


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