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 The Electromagnetic Connection

Electromagnet Connection Vintage Windings Toroid

 Electronics has always been an area of great fascination for me. Some of my earliest memories are of tinkering with radios, amplifiers, speakers and any other electronic gizmo that would fall prey to my screwdriver. Like most closet geeks I built electronic kits and learned basic skills with a soldering iron pretty early on.

   During my early years as an instrument builder I built many amplifiers, preamps, and filter circuits, eventually gravitating to rewinding vintage guitar pickups. That was my first introduction to electromagnetic theory.


Stevens Winder

My first cam/gear type winding machine.

    While transitioning into pro-audio and restorations my magnetics interest expanded to audio transformers and filter coils. Bozorth's *Ferromagnetism* pointed me in the direction of the multitude of  Western Electric, Bell Labs papers on the subject. I have the Bell papers next to my reading chair and re-read them regularly. Those guys knew their stuff. Other goodies that I uncovered can be found Here and Here.

 I purchased a surplus Boesch TW300 toroidal coil winder and started winding filter toroids for Pultec and other vintage equalizer restorations. The next machine purchase was a Tanaka  AW850 which has been modified to full computer CNC. The Tanaka is perfect for winding and rewinding audio transformers.

Tanaka AW850

Tanaka AW850 before computer mod.



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