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 Recording & Audio Engineering

Zappa Action Figure

     The eighties brought the audio digital revolution. Recording was a natural progression to me and I began to learn the process from it's earliest history to the most modern techniques, again seeking out very smart people for direction. I read every manual and book on audio gear, studio technique, electronics, acoustics, computers and anything else that I could find which brought me to a side skill which is digital imaging. I fell into a fast crowd of vintage gear dealers and loose recording recording sorts.

     I built my first project studio in the late eighties and it was about the same time that I started buying vintage equipment and restoring it. I continue to restore vintage gear as time permits and the project is right. Through the 90's most of my time was spent gigging, recording, learning, restoring gear and raising big cheeky dogs. 

Two Cheeks Drooling

     In the late 90's my wife and I bought a farm and moved to the country. After building horse facilities for my wife I started on what turned out to be a huge project. I built Cedar Ranch Studio. Currently the studio is a fully functioning, semi private recording studio that is available for rent when the project is right, and is also used for product research and testing.

Cedar Ranch Studio Sony 3036


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