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ERPI * Western Electric * Altec

Mirrophonic * Sound Manual Vol. 1

VintageWindings Western Electric ERPI Manual 1935 Vol 1 DVD

     ERPI, Electrical Research Products Inc. was an off-shoot of Western Electric intended to take over the cinema sound business of the soon the be legally disassembled giant. The files in this collection are .pdf's that were made from hi-res scans of original documents. These are not scans from the web. All scans were done in hi-res, then cleaned, straightened and non original marks removed were practical. Many files have the promos for a piece along with the manual. Full disk details below. Now Free on line !!


Here's ERPI Volume 1

+++ ERPI Sound Manual Volume I +++
This is the first volume sound maintenance manual released
by ERPI in the late 1930's covering theater sound from the early
30's to about 1937. It contains service and modification  informa-
tion for Western Electric amplifiers of the day. It also has great info
on Altec Western Electric theater speakers and Mirrophonic sound
and projection equipment maintenance. This manual was originally
printed in a small format but very thick binder. The pages were
about as heavy as phone book pages with tiny print and there
were 740 of them. Many pages were foldout and were scanned
full size. This was a Major scanning project! 

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Now FREE for download. All DVD's still available
on one USB drive. E-mail for details.

Most browsers will open .pdf's in a lower resolution. To view these files
in full resolution it is best to download first and open in a good .pdf

These are very large files

+++ ERPI Vol 1 Part 1 +++
Cross References, Addendums, Fundamentals of Sound,
Acoustics, General Equipment, Equipment Modifications.

+++ ERPI Vol 1 Part 2 +++
Western Electric Amplifiers and Modifications.
Too many to list. Holy Grail of WE Amplifiers.

+++ ERPI Vol 1 Part 3 +++
Apparatus Units, Control Units, Control Cabinets, Panels,
Wiring Diagrams.

+++ ERPI Vol 1 Part 4 +++
Control Cabinets Cont., Fuse & Signal Cabinets,
Condenser (capacitor) Replacement, Drives.

+++ ERPI Vol 1 Part 5 +++
Drives Cont., Film Damage, Sound Track Defects,
Film Standards, Test Film, Filters.

+++ ERPI Vol 1 Part 6 +++
Filters & EQ's Cont., Speaker Baffles, Speaker Field
Connections, Speakers, Exciter Lamps, Lubricants,
Brushes Data, Commutators< Motors.

+++ ERPI Vol 1 Part 7 +++
Motors Cont., Panels, Photoelectric Cells, Projectors.

+++  ERPI Vol 1 Part 8 +++
Projectors Cont., Pedestals, Century Projectors,
Mechanism Drive Chart, Motiograph.

+++ Here is a Great Book called: +++
RCA's The Architects manual of Engineered Sound Systems
This is a HUGE Excellent old engineering manual on studio
and auditorium design. This is a great book!! 230pp !!

+++ RCA Engineered Sound Systems Part 1 +++
Complete schematics, modifications, updates,  and layouts

+++ RCA Engineered Sound Systems Part 2 +++
Complete schematics, modifications, updates,  and layouts

+++ RCA Engineered Sound Systems Part 3 +++
Complete schematics, modifications, updates,  and layouts

+++ Western Electric Vacuum Tube Catalog +++
(17pp) July 28, 1950 !!!! +++

All DVD's are still available on one USB drive
Please E-mail for details

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