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ProAudio Broadcast

Theater Sound
Complete Set

Vintage Windings ProAudio Complete Collection DVD Set

This is one of the best deals on the web. It is a complete collection of
all of the DVD's offered by There are hundreds
and hundreds of manuals, books, schematics, catalogs included, all nicely
scanned, cleaned and ready for viewing or printing. Below is a list of the
included DVD's. Please see the individual product pages for single DVD

Note as of 3/1/15:
I'm starting to phase out the sales of DVD's. As time allows I'm going
to put all of the ProAudio collection (minus the Coil Winding info) up
on my website for download
FREE !! Many of these files are very large
and downloading all of them will take days so I'll still offer the whole
collection on one USB at a reduced price (now available on E-bay).
I will also phase out the Coil Winding DVD's and offer the collection
on one USB, again at a reduced cost (also currently on E-bay).


Here's what's included:

These disks have all received 100% feedback on E-bay!

DISK 1 - Vintage ProAudio DVD - My first offering on E-bay. It was my most popular. You will find hundreds of manuals/articles and schematics - see full description at individual products page. Sells individually for $29.99

DISK 2 - Western Electric Sound Manuals and Books - Hi quality audio started here. This is the best from the best. Dozens of Manuals, Books, Schematics and Promos all scanned from original, in h-res. There is some very rare stuff here. Even copies of many manuals on this DVD cost more than the entire collection offered in this auction - see full description at products page. Sells individually for $24.99

DISK 3 - Altec Lansing Vol. 1 - All the best from the Tube Era. This DVD has a couple of Altec speaker books on it as well. All scanned from mint originals - This DVD is a great value and it normally sells for 19.99. That's less than some e-bay sellers sell only one  photo copied manual for !!! These will all print out at least as nice as the original.

DISK 4 - ERPI Vol. 1 - This is one of the ERPI (Movie/sound division of WE) thick black service books. These sell on e-bay for up to $2000.00 !!! Great Western Electric Amplifier information. This was a scanning night-mare because it was like scanning a small phone book. The scans are clean (as clean as those tiny letters were printed) and beautiful. This one's a great deal too. Sells individually for $24.99.

DISK 5 - Western Electric Transformer Information CD - Four different years of the Western Electric Transformer Information books. These have the specs (and some winding info) for the transformers manufactured by WE from the 40's to the 60's. Also included is an Altec Hollywood era transformer catalog and ERPI transformer info. Sells individually for $19.99

DISK 6 - Vintage Audio Catalogs DVD - Loaded with with impossible to find audio supply catalogs from the 50's to the 60's. Please check the feedback on this one. I've got it up at an introductory price of only $24.99. All scanned from original, all color was retained. The Gotham stuff alone is worth the DVD price. GREAT PHOTOs of GREAT GEAR !!

DISK 7 - Neumann VMS Record Cutting Lathe - All Manuals including computer mans. Extra full size .tif's of all large format schematics included (all are also included in the .pdf manuals) This one is rare, nice and very popular. A scanning nightmare but a great deal normally offered for $19.99 (there are over four full binders of manuals here, literally hundreds of pages with MANY large format scans which were all scanned full size in one pass).

DISK 8 - Western Electric - The Transistor - THE book from Bell Labs. All of their landmark papers regarding the development of the transistor. A must have for any audio education collection. Scanned from a Very Rare, nice original, many articles included. Sells individually for $19.99.

DISK 9 - RCA Tube Consoles DVD - This DVD has manuals for the various versions of the RCA 76 Tube Console. It also has manuals for the various versions of the BC-6A-C Consoles. Manuals for RCA tube mic preamp and line amps. BC-3A Console Manual and more. Normal selling price $24.99.

Have you ever looked for real, usable information on
Audio Transformers on the web?

Here is a very comprehensive collection of information regarding the engineering and manufacture of audio transformers. Audio Transformer and Coil Articles/Manuals/Books Volumes One & Two.

DISK 10 - Audio Transformer Design & Manufacture DVD Vol. 1 - An excellent collection of articles that appeared in great, now defunct audio engineering trade magazines. There are dozens of hard to find articles and some books on here. It has been quite popular and has received great feedback reviews. Normally sells for $24.99

DISK 11 - Audio Transformer Design & Manufacture DVD Vol. 2 - I consider this one the most valuable DVD in the collection. There is more *secret* information in the lamination catalogs on this disk than can be imagined at first glance. There are some of the rarest documents that I've ever found on here. There is also a book that I wrote on this DVD covering the Altec 4665 (K-241D type) input transformer. It shows every inner detail of those iconic transformers. This one has been very popular and has led to some speaking engagements. The full DVD normally
sells for $24.99

DISK 12 - Audio Transformer Design & Manufacture DVD Vol. 3 - This one was just released. Complete dissections of a Triad HS-52 output transformer, Two rare BV-8 & 11 Neumann U-47 transformers, and a Western Electric 111C. The full DVD normally
sells for $29.99

(Audio Transformer Design Volume I, II & III are also available
as a set together at a considerable discount.)

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