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 Vintage Windings
German Tube Microphone
Transformer Rewinding Service

German Microphone Transformer Rewinding Service

     Several companies are currently offering a rewind service for German Tube Microphone Transformers. Some do a very nice rewind but most services opt
for a computer controlled simulation of the original vertical sectioning. The reason for the simulated technique over the original approach is simple economics. There is not enough market to justify tooling up to mold the compartmentalized bobbins that were originally used. While the CNC winding method with non-original style bobbins may return similar sonic results, often the look is not very original. Vintage Windings bobbins are hand casted from molds made from perfect originals. The molds were made from out-gassed and vacuum cast high quality silicon molding material. The bobbins are cast from out-gassed high temp casting resin formulated for it's hi dielectric and heat resistant qualities. The bobbins will exceed the lifespan of the originals significantly. The rest of the rewind is carried out following the same techniques that were used originally. The final rewind looks correct and performs to original specifications. The turn around time on the rewinds is generally about two weeks, however, the bobbins are prepared in small lots which may affect lead times.
 Please e-mail for details. Note: A complete dissection of the BV style Neumann transformers appears on this DVD.


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