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Pro Audio Service Manuals,

Schematics, & Catalogs

     This collection has been very popular on E-bay and was the first offered. It is now available FREE!!. Some scans are from early on in the learning process but if the scans were good they are included. The files in this collection are .pdf's that were made from hi-res scans of mostly original documents. Some pieces of gear on it were so rare only photocopies of the manuals were available for scanning and occasionally original documents were photocopies but most all of the 250+ were scanned from original printed manuals etc. Please no requests for single schematics, it's too time consuming. All scans were done in hi-res, then cleaned, straightened and non original marks removed were practical. Note: Many of the files are Very Large and some browsers open .pdf's in low resolution so download and open in reader for best resolution. Also note: If you see a file that should NOT be here please e-mail me and I will remove it asap.


Here's is the ProAudio Collection:

AKG C-12 Mic plus N12 Power Supply; AKG C-60; C-61 Power Supply; AKG Mic Promo's; Altec 250A Console Manual
(containing Altec 428B, 429B Preamp info); Altec 458A Tube Mic-pre Manual; Altec 459A Tube Program Amp Manual; Altec
Power Supply Manual;  Altec 1540 Tube Line Amplifier Sch.; Altec A-322-C Tube Compressor Manual; Altec A-332-A
Tube Amplifier Sch; Ampex 350 Tube Recorder Manual; Ampex AG-350 Recorder Promo; Ampex AG-440 Recorder Promo;
Ampex MR-70 Tube (Nuvistor) Recorder Manual; Ampex MR-70 Recorder Promo; Ampex Magnetic Recording Theory Book;
Ampex VR-1000 Tube Rec/Playback Electronics Manual (SUPER RARE, a favorite of Bob Eberenz); API 312 Mic Pre Sch.;
API 325 Line Amp Card Sch.; API 550 EQ Manual (from copy but complete w/ buffer amp sch.); API 2520 Spec Sheet; API
(Studio Sound); API Transformer Info.; Audimax III 444 Manual; Audio Design Compex 2 Manual; Audix 35102 Channel
Module Schematic Sheets; B&K 1603 Tube Mic Preamp Manual; Blumlein Article; Cadac G228 Input Module Sch.; Cadac G268F
 Input Module Sch.; Neumann Capsule Cleaning Sheets; CBS Tube Console Article; CBS Tube Console Article (Radio manual); Church Tube Mic (Photo's & Sch.); Clement Ader Article (Studio Sound); Collins 26U-1 Tube Compressor Sch.; Collins 356E-1 Tube preamp Sch.; Replacing Components on a pcb (Gates Radio);
Condenser Microphones, Paper by Bore (German); Crown DC-300 Amp Manual(scan from mint orig); The Decibel Article (Studio Sound); DIY Capacitor Microphone Article (new scan from original); DIY IC Mic Preamp; DIY Music System circa 1956; DIY Stereo Tube Mic Article (details building capsule); DIY Tube Compressor Article; DIY Tube Mic Preamp Article; Dolby 361 Manual; Dorrough 310 Multi-band Compressor Manual (New scan from mint orig.);
EAR 660 Hand Drawn Sch.; EAR 825 EQ Sch.; Echolette Tape Echo Manual (New &RARE); Echoplex Manual (covers many models);
EF-14 Tube Info.; Elam 251, 251E Tube Mic Sch.; EMT 162 Stereo SS for EMT 140 Sch.; EMT 140 Amp Sch.; EMT 140 Manual
(New); EMT 250 Manual (with extra build schematic sheets); Fairchild 641 Record Cutter Info; Faichild 641 Record Cutter Manual
(Complete); Fairchild 644 Sch.; Fairchild 661 Auto-Ten Techbul.; Fairchild 666 Compressor Manual; Fairchild 667II PS Manual;
Fairchild 669ST Stereo Attenuator Manual; Fairchild 670 Limiter Manual (scan from mint orig); Fairchild 670 Limiter Photos;
Fairchild 670 Sch 2; Fairchild 670 Limiter Techbul 1; Fairchild 670 Limiter Techbul 2; Fairchild 692AA Amplifier Card Manual;
Fairchild 692AD-TX Amplifier Card Manual; Fairchild 692 AGC Card Manual; Fairchild 692B Preamp Card Manual; Fairchild
Attenuator Card Manual; Fairchild 692DAT (Dual 661 Auto-Ten Card with 661 Sch.); Fairchild 692DCA Cue Amp Card
Manual; Fairchild 692EQ-ST Stereo EQ Card Manual; Fairchild 692 HLIZ Z Converter Card Manual; Fairchild 692LA-30 Duel Line
Amp Card Manual; Fairchild 692MNNL Mixing Card Manual; Fairchild 692OSC Oscillator Card Manual; Fairchild 692SPA Phono
Card Manual; Fairchild 870 Amp Manual; Fairchild DA415-8 Distro. Amp Manual; FM 4100, 4110 Volumax Compressor; Focusrite
Red Channel
Sch.; Forsell 990 Op-Amp Info & Schematic; Gates M5575 Tube Monitor Amp Manual; Gates SA-38A Tube Compressor
Amp Manual (scan from mint orig); Gates SS Limiter Sch.; Gates Sta-Level Sch. 1; Gates Sta-Level Sch. 2; Gates Sta-Level
(scan from mint orig); GE First SS Recording Console Manual 4BC21A1; GE BA-7a Tube Limiter Manual; GE Uni-Level
Tube Compressor
Manual (scan from mint orig, this is the comp everyone copied); GE BC-1A Tube Recording Console Promo;
GE BC-1A Tube Recording Console Manual; German Tube Micpre Sch.; Gotham PFB-1 Record Cutting Amp (very updated file);
IRT (TELEFUNKEN) V-78 Tube Line Amp Manual (German); IRT V-76 Tube Mic Pre Manual (German); IRT V-86 Recording Electronics
Manual (German); IRT V-87 Recording Electronics Manual (German); Jerry Jacob LEDE Room Design Article (Studio Sound);
Jensen API 325 Transformer Mod (from Jensen); Jensen Transformer Recommendations; Jensen Twin Servo Mic Preamp Sch;
Joe Meek Article (Studio Sound); John Hardy 24V Power Supply Schs.; John Hardy 70's Input Module Schs.; John Hardy MPC-1
Mic Preamps
(I have these in my Sony 3036 Console, they are superb and John sells them for less than they can be built for!!)
John Hardy Jensen Twin Servo  Sch.; K-47 Mic Capsule pic; Lang PEQ-2 Tube Equalizer Manual; Langevin 101 Amp (all versions);
Langevin 102 A-G Amplifier Data & Schs.; Langevin 103 A-C Amplifier Data & Schs.; Langevin 106 A-B Amplifier Data & Schs.;
Langevin 110A Amplifier Data & Schs.; Langevin 111 A-D Microphone Preamp (replacements for the WE 25B console pres.);
Langevin 111C Microphone Preamp Info & Sch.; Langevin 114A Amplifier Data & Schs.; Langevin 128 A-G-T Amplifiers Data &
Schs.; Langevin 5000 Series Promo (new scan from orig.); Langevin 116A 117A Tube Preamp Promo (new scan from orig);
Langevin 116A Tube Mic Preamp Data & Schs.; Langevin 116B Tube Mic Preamp Data & Schs.; Langevin 117A Tube Line Amp
Data & Schs.; Langevin 119A Progar Tube Compressor Amplifier Manual; Langevin 123A Amplifier Sch.; Langevin 128 X Tube
Amplifier Manual (covers various models); Langevin 130A Amplifier Data & Schs.; Langevin 400 Input Transformer Info; Langevin
Input Circuit; Langevin 402A Input Circuit; Langevin 514A Amplifier Data & Schs.; Langevin 610 A-C Amplifier Data & Schs.;
Langevin 5206 Tube Power Supply Sch.; Langevin 5208 Tube Power Supply Sch.; Langevin AM-16 Mic Preamp Manual; Langevin
Tube Preamp Sch.; Langevin AM-5116-B Tube Preamp Data & Schs.; Langevin AM-5301 Leveline Tube Compressor
Manual; Langevin PS218 Power Supply Manual; Langevin PS222 Power Supply Manual; Langevin S-114-A Amplifier Data & Schs.;
Langevin S-514 Amplifier Data & Schs.; Lawson L-47MP Tube Mic Schs.; Magna-Tech 31 Tube Compressor Manual; McCurdy
AU-300 Tube Micpre
Manual; MCI JH-110 Series Recorder Promo; MCI Op-Amp Replacement Article; MCI JH-428-440 Series Promo; MCI JH-428-500 Series Console Manual; MCI JH-500 Console
Microphones Paper (Neumann); Microphones & Transients Article (db Mag); Minimoog  Manual; MKH-105
SS Mic Sch.;
MKH-405 SS Mic Sch.; Moog Modular Synth Manual; Neumann M-49, M-50 Tube Mic Info & Schs  (new with excellent
Neumann 24/8 Console Photos; Neumann 24/8 Recording
Console Manual (1969); Neumann Components Promo (with all 24/8 console modules); Neumann History 1 (Neumann); Neumann
Microphone Capsule
Info; Neumann Mic File 1 (Schs. for, TML50, TML170 -no gain module sch.-, KM83-85, KM86, KM88, KM88i,
U-64, MM5, Z74, KM56, CMV563, UM57, KM256f,  KM54a, KM56c, M250b, M49, M49c, M50, M50b, NGu PS, NSM PS, SM2c,
SM69, U47N, U47, U67, U87ip, U89, more capsule info); Neumann Mic Promos; Neumann Tube Mic History (RARE from defunt
recording rag); Neumann U-47 Output Mod Article (RARE from defunt recording mag); Neumann U-47 Mic File (New with great
pics); Neumann U-67 Info & Schs.; Neve 1066 Channel manual; Neve 1073 Channel Manual; Neve 1080 Channel Manual; Neve
Channel Manual; Neve 542x Console Manual; Neve 2254 Limiter Sch.; Neve 2264 Limiter Sch.; Neve 8024 Console Manual;
Neve 8128 Console Documents; Neve 9098 Sch.; Neve 10885 Limiter Sch.; Neve 33609C Limiter Manual (All boards, everything);
Neve AV283 Layout & pcb; Neve AV284 Layout & pcb; Neve Studio Acoustics Article (Studio Sound); Philip Newell Studio
Acoustics Article (Studio Sound) Philip Newell Studio Monitor Article; Northern Electric (Western Electric Canada) Tube Broadcast Console Manual; Northern Electric Console Promos; Orban 111B Reverb Unit Manual; Orban 418A Compressor Manual; Orban 422A 424A Compressor Manual; Peerless 1940's Transformer Catalog; Peerless 1953 Transformer Catalog; Peerless 1960's Transformer Catalog; Power One Power Supply Catalog (Current);
Presto 6N Recording Lathe Manual; Presto 92-A Recording
Pultec EQH-2 Equalizer Manual;
Pultec EQP-1A3 Manual (scanned from orig. beautiful); Pultec EQP-1A Manual (scan from orig. EXTENDED version 35p.); Pultec
Third File (w/ early two inductor filter) Manual Pultec EQP-1A3 Solid State Schematic; Pultec MEQ-5 Manual; Pultec MEQ-5 alt filter; Pultec SP-3 Panner Manual; Purple MC76
Clone Compressor Manual; Putnam 100D Tube Mic Preamp Sch.; Putnam 101D Tube Line Amp Sch.; United Console
info; Quad Eight 712 EQ Sch.; Quad Eight AM-10 Sch.; Quad Eight CA227 Sch.; Quad Eight MM61 Module Schs.; Radio Manual
Chapter 9 (great early audio chapter); Raven Preamp Info & Sch; RCA 70-C2 Broadcast Turntable Manual; RCA 70-D Broadcast
Turntable Manual; RCA 44-BX Ribbon Microphone Manual; RCA 76-B2 Tube Console Manual; RCA 77-DX Ribbon Microphone
Manual; RCA 86-B Tube Limiter Manual; RCA 1620 Tube Info; RCA BA-1A Tube Preamp Sch.; RCA BA-6A Tube Compressor
Manual 1; RCA BA-6A Tube Compressor Manual 2; RCA BA-6B Tube Compressor Manual 3; RCA BA-21A Microphone Preamp;
RCA BC-6A Tube Console Manual;
RCA BK-11A Ribbon Microphone Manual; RCA MI-3108-B Mixer Manual; RCA OP-7 Manual; EMI REDD 37 Tube Console Manual
(Abbey Road, Beatles); EMI REDD 43 Tube Mixer Manual; EMI REDD 47 Microphone Preamp Manual; EMI REDD 51 Tube
Summing Amplifier
Manual; EMI REDD Multi-mixer Manual; Rider PA *How it Works* book (explains tube audio a-z); Rode Classic Tube Mic ; Seimens V-72 (Telefunken/Neumenn) Tube Preamp Manual (German); Seimens Film Sound Promo; Seimens Klang-Film Console Promo 1; Seimens Klang-Film Console Promo 2; Simpson Meter Catalog 1962; Sony C-37 FET Microphone
Manual; Spectra Sonics 110 A Preamp Manual; Spectra Sonics 610 Compressor Manual; Steve Dove Console Design Article (all
14 parts from the now defunt Studio Sound rag, this is THE console design article by a guy who wrote the book. He also wrote
a chapter on console design in the Handbook for Sound Engineers, one smart dude!!); Studer 069 Channel Data & Sch.; Studer
Channel Data & Sch.; Tape Echo Effects Article from AE 1956; TC Electronics EQ-1A Equalizer Sch.; Telefunken M10 Tube
Tape Machine Manual; Telefunken M-10A SS Tape Machine Manual; Telefunken V-72 Sch. (Supersonic).; Telefunken V-72A Sch.;
Telefunken V-76s Sch.; Telefunken V-76 Sch. (Supersonic); Trident Series 75 Console Manual; Trident A-Range Documents &
Schs.; Trident Series 80C Console Manual; Universal Audio 100-B Equalizer Sch.; Universal Audio 175A Tube Compressor Sch.;
Universal Audio 175b Tube Compressor Limiter Manual; Universal Audio 176 Tube Compressor Sch.; Universal Audio 177
Compressor Sch.; Universal Audio 508 A-B Equalizer Info & Sch.; Universal Audio 1008-A  Mic Preamp Info & Sch.; Universal
Audio 1016
Tube Preamp Info & Sch.; Universal Audio 1108 Mic Preamp Manual; Universal Audio Tube Console Pics; UREI 1109
Mic Preamp Manual; UREI LA-3A Compressor Sch.; UREI LA-4A Compressor Sch.; V-41 Recording Amplifier Sch. & Photo;
Valley People Dyna-Mic Manual; Valley People Dyna-Mite Dynamics Manual; Valley People Kepex II Expander Manual; W-295
Module Sch. (German); Western Electric 22E Mixer Manual; Weston Meter Catalog; Western Electric (Westrex) RA-1474 Tube Preamp Manual
(all versions); Westrex RA-1593A
Manual (new scan from clean orig)

This collection is also available on USB Drive
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