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     Vintage Winding's services include prototype fabrication. In this section some completed projects are shown along with links to papers covering the process. All documents are free for personal download but please do not repost to another site without permission.


Here is a recently completed               
Custom Guitar. I like to keep               
my skills current so I still build             
guitars when I can.                              
       Here are the details
Chris Preston Guitar
Pultec Style EQP-1A3 DIY Solid State Equalizer           

         Many great recording engineers    
         find that Pultec's Solid State EQP-
         1A3 is just as useful as the tube
         version. Here  is  a DIY building
         project that doesn't require a
         mortgage or engineering degree
         to build. Here is a wiring schematic
         for the filter section.       

Stanley Church Microphone             
DIY project using Triad HS-          
52 Output Transformer                 
 Here are the details
Church Microphone DIY

Upright Bass Pickup
       Low impedance pickup for stand
       up bass.  More info on a new im-
       proved model coming soon.

How to get an Incredible          
Sound out of any Acoustic        
Electric Guitar                              
More Info Here
Acoustic Electric Guitar Preamp Equalizer

VintageWindings Restorations
       Past Restorations & Cool Vintage
       Sound Studio Recording Gear.
       More Info Here.

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