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Restorations and Other
Cool Projects

     Over the years many repairs, restorations and other cool stuff have come through my shop. Many times there isn't time to take photos before they leave as the owners are usually eagerly awaiting their prize piece, but when there is time to take photos, I do. Below is just a small sampling of some interesting pieces of vintage gear that have come through. Some were restorations and some were just cool items that I've bought, used and sold. Feel free to grab the photos. I'll be adding to this page regularly so be sure to bookmark it if you find this kind of stuff interesting.

Studer C-37 Vacuum Tube Tape Machine 1

Studer C-37 Vacuum
Tube Recorder 1



Hammond B-3 with Lighted Keyboard

Hammond B-3 w/
Lighted Keyboard

Ampex MR-70 4 1

Ampex MR-70
Nuvistor Recorder

Studer J-37 8 1

Studer J-37
Modified 8
Vintage Microphone Preamps

Vintage Microphone
Ampex MR-70 2 1

Ampex MR-70
2 Channel
VintageWindings Neumann Company Text Book DVD

Coming Soon


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