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Audio Transformer Design

& Construction Volume 1

VintageWindings Audio Transformer Design Volume 1 DVD

     Coils and transformers have been an interest of mine since my days of owning a guitar shop in the 80's & 90's. As my audio interest shifted towards the professional audio side of the business, my coil winding interest went from winding guitar pickups to wanting to learn the so called *black art* of transformer design. I found that most text books really didn't specifically cover winding high quality audio transformers. I went on a quest to find papers from now defunct technical publications looking for articles and papers that were written about audio transformers. This is the first volume that I put together and this volume along with the second volume are among my most popular disks. If you want to learn about audio transformer design, this is the place to start. All files scanned from originals.  Now available for free download.
Many of these files are large and will take time to download. The entire Coil Winding Collection is available on a USB Drive. Please see my e-bay auctions. If you see
something here that should not be here please e-mail me and I will remove it.

Most browsers will open .pdf's in a lower resolution. To view these files
in full resolution it is best to download first and open in a good .pdf


Some of these files are large and will take some
time to download. A USB drive with all coil winding files
(all 3 coil winding DVD's) is available. Please see
my E-bay sales page

Here's Vol 1 of the Coil Winding Collkection:

The Use of Audio Frequency Transformers -
Book - Crowhurst - Audio Handbook #3 - 66pp. 1953
Excellent overall book on Audio Transformers. Rare.

Input Transformer Design -
- Crowhurst - 11pp Audio Engineering Mag. June - July 56
This is Crowhurst at his best !! EXCELLENT ARTICLE !!
Remember Crowhurst was the guy who supplied the design
charts given in the Radiotron Handbook (Big Red).

Output Transformer Design -
Article - Crowhurst - 7pp. Audio Enginnering Mag. Sept 56
Once again a SUPERB Crowhurst gem of an article.
Excellent information!! This is the stuff!

Audio Transformer Design -
Article - Crowhurst - 4pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Feb 53
More Excellent Crowhurst !

Measuring Up an Audio Transformer -
Article - Crowhurst - 4pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Nov 52
Excellent article.

Audio Transformers Can be Good -
Article - Crowhurst - 5pp. Audio Engineering Mag. May 56
One of Crowhurst's best, very informative.

How an Output Transformer Causes Distortion -
Article - Crowhurst - 7pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Feb-Mar 57
Yet another great Crowhurst article in two parts and
they are both here.

Using the Reactance Chart -
Article - H. B. Davis 3pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Dec 49
Quick how to guide for filter design

Winding Your Own Single Ended Output Transformer -
Article - Jim Flowers - 34pp. Valve Magazine 1997
Excellent, excellent, detailed and well written.
All FOUR parts of the article are here. Note: Valve
Magazine is no longer in circulation.
I'm not sure
of the copy right on this article. It's a great article
and will be hosted until such time as I'm told to
remove it.

Chapter 15 Transformer Design -
Web find - nothing special 40pp. of easy to understand
transformer design

Transformer Design for Zero Impedance Amplifiers -
Article - Grossner - 5pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Mar 56
Very good article.

Harmonic Distortion in Iron Core Transformers -
Article - Williams, Eastop - 4pp. Audio Engineering Mag. April 51
Very good and hard to find article.

A New 50 Watt Amplifier Circuit ( McIntosh) -
Article - Frank McIntosh - 6pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Dec 59
Yes, the Unity famous Unity Coupled transformer is well covered.
Rare and cool article!

Output Transformer Impedance Matching -
Article - R. Tomer - 1pp. Radio News
Interesting little simplified design chart.

Output Transformers -
Article - James Moir - 9pp. Glass Audio 94
In Depth Output Transformer design and construction !!
Two part article and both parts are here!! Superb!!
Reprinted from AE Feb 60

Output Transformers -
Article - James Moir - 9pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Feb 60
This is the original version of this article as it
appeared in Audio Engineering Magazine.

Practical Transformer Design and Construction -
Article - C. Roeschke - 12pp. Radio News 1947
Rare, rare, rare !! All three parts are here!!
Practical transformer construction guide.

Optimum Use of Nickel Alloy Steels in Low Level Transformers -
Article - L. Howard - 2pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Oct 50
Interesting guide to shielding transformers.

Output Transformer Design Considerations -
Article - Ayres - 2pp. Audio Engineering Mag. April 53
Quick and easy read.

Transformer Applications -
Article - Ayres - 3pp. Audio Engineering Mag. Nov 49
Another quick read regarding impedance calculations.

Feedback from Output Transformer Secondary -
Article - Ayres - 2pp. Audio Engineering Mag. July 53
A quick overview of this technique.

Peerless Advertisement from Audio Engineering Dec 49 -
Here is the ad that got the Peerless reputation going 1pp.
Just included for fun.

Transformers -
Article - Arnold Schwartz - 4pp. db Magazine 1973
Good little audio transformer primer.

New Transformer Design for Power Amplifiers -
Article - C. Graham (Faichild) - 4pp. Radio & TV News Nov 56
Design details of the Fairchild 275 Amplifier Output Transformer.
Very rare and cool!

Transformer Distortion -
Article - Dunford Kelly 5pp. - Audio Engineering Mag. Mar 59
Very good article, unfortunately, only part 2 is here but
I'm working on obtaining the 1st part.

Coils, Cores, and Magnets -
Article - Schendel- 7pp. Radio Craft 1946
Excellent diy coil winding info from the
years when some of the best trannies were made.

Determining Unknown Impedances in Transformers -
Article - L. Hippe - 2pp. Audio Engineering Mag. 1950
Handy information here.

Making Custom Transformers -
Article - H. Strand - 9pp. Science and Mechanics Magazine 1960
It's in two parts and both parts are here. Good diy and
core salvage info here.

Windings -
Chapter, sec. 3 - Annon - 12pp. Web find - Coilwinding
Some useful info here.

Transformer and Inductor Design Manual -
Booklet - Magnetics Technology Center - 39pp.
There is a version of this on the web but this
is a much cleaner scan. It's a handy guide.

The Williamson Amplifier -
Book - Wireless World - 36pp. Out of Print
Book covering all aspects of the Williamson
type amplifiers including detailed transformer
instructions. Excellent Winding Information!
This book has been reprinted so many times
that I'm not sure about copy right. This file will
be hosted until such time I'm told to remove it.

Audio Transformer Design Manual -
Book - R. Wolpert - 117pp. Out of Print
Very practical treatment of the whole subject.
Very hands on. One of the only books of it's kind.
This one is out of print but used to be available.
If I'm asked/told to remove it, off it comes..

Transformer Design and Manufacturing Manual -
Book - R. Wolpert - 130pp. Out of Print
Very practical treatment of the whole subject.
Very hands on. See note above.

Coil Winding -
Book - Geo.Stevens Manufacturing - 1st ed. 1954
Practical how to coil winding book. This is a quick scan.

Coil Winding -
Book - Geo.Stevens Manufacturing - 2nd ed. 1958
Practical how to coil winding book. Nice clean scan.

Transformers -
Book - Rider Publication No. 166-37 92pp.
Semi-famous and quite rare Rider Transformers book.
Great information.

Radiotron Designers Handbook -
Chapter 5 - Not the web version !
This is a very Clean scan and all of the
design charts are scanned at super hi-res.
The charts blow up nicely.

Wideband Subminiature Transformers -
Article - Steven Temmer - 4pp. db Magazine 1973
Beyer Audio Transformer Design info.

Beyer Audio Transformer Catalog -
Catalog - 19 pp. Very Rare and informative.

Wireless Coils, Chokes, and Transformers -
Book - 185 pp. F. J. Camm - Standard reference
on diy coils and transformers. Good information.

High Quality Communication and Power Transformers -
Superb Paper - E. B. Harrison (Altec Hollywood Years) 12pp.
This is a paper from the Motion Picture Society Journal and it is
an Excellent Paper!! A Must Read !! Scanned by someone
else and only decent quality but the info is priceless!!

Electronic Design Charts -
Book - N. Crowhurst-Gernsback - 1963 -128pp.
Very cool and rare book of design charts for
inductors and transformers. Very handy!!

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The entire Coil Winding Collection is
available on USB drive.
Please E-mail for details

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