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 The Development of the Transistor
by Western Electric & Bell Labs

VintageWindings Western Electric Transistor Development DVD

     This is a .pdf of a rather thick book that Bell Labs had printed to be given to attendees of their September of 1951 transistor symposium. This book had a collection of all of the Bell papers that had been written on the subject of transistor engineering up to that point. I have also included a couple of other transistor publications that Western Electric and Bell Labs have subsequently released.  The files in this collection are .pdf's that were made from hi-res scans of original documents. These are not scans from the web. All scans were done in hi-res, then cleaned, straightened and non original marks removed were practical. Most folks associate Bell Labs with the invention of the transistor. Ironically, that isn't the case as J. E. Lilienfeld filed for a patent (#1,745,175) for what was essentially an FET in 1925. He was granted the patent in 1930, about 20 years ahead of the WE pack! Full book details below. Now FREE for personal download.

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Western Electric Transistor Development Book
Here is a photo of the document that was
scanned for the .pdf on this DVD

Here's what's included:

+++ The Transistor +++
Selected Reference Material on Characteristics and Applications
Complete collection of Western Electric Bell Labs papers on the
development of the transistor. This book was 800 pages!! It contains
virtually all that WE knew about the subject up to 1951. Hundreds
of illustrations and photos. Scanned from a clean original.
Almost 900 Megs! (files in sections)

+++ The Transistor Pt. 1 +++

+++ The Transistor Pt. 2 +++

+++ The Transistor Pt. 3 +++

+++ The Transistor Pt. 4 +++

+++ Western Electric Solid State Devices +++
Handling and Selection Guide
This book has details and specifications for all
semiconductors Western Electric was marketing in 1972.
There is a lot of useful information here. Scanned from
clean original. 127 pages.

+++ Technical Data, Transistor & Varistors +++
Western Electric Radio Division
This book has details and specifications for all
semiconductors Western Electric was marketing in 1956.
Early Germanium and Silicon transistors are covered.
Scanned from clean original. 115 pages.

These files are included in the Full Collection
USB drive available on e-bay.

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