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Cedar Ranch
Recording Studio


Cedar Ranch Studio & Sound

     Cedar Ranch Studio is a very well equipped semi-private recording studio located on 80 scenic acres in Western NYS. It is a purpose built studio laid out in a recording suite style. The room was specifically engineered for sound recording with separate concrete slabs under floors and walls that have been floated for sound
isolation. There are no parallel surfaces in either room. Room dimensions were arrived at mathematically and any remaining room resonances have been tamed with proper treatment. This room is available for hire when the project is right. E-mail for availability and rates.


Cedar Ranch Studio Sony 3036 Mixing Console


 The heart of Cedar Ranch Studio is this beautiful Sony MXP-3036 Analog Recording Console. One of the last great analog consoles this Sony board was manufactured in the late 1980's and has had many upgrades such as John Hardy microphone preamps and many different equalizer combinations added. The board has also had a complete re-cap and has been retrofitted with different vu lamps because the originals are very hard to source. Every switch and knob works!


Cedar Ranch Studio Studer A-800 Mk. II Multi Track Recorder


Cedar Ranch has an assortment of recorders including 4 Alesis M20s, Nuendo and
this excellent vintage Studer A-800 Mk.II 24 Track 2" machine. The A-800 is loaded with excellent input and output transformers on each track. It also has a brand new set of original Studer 316 (soft alloy) audiophile heads and has been completely recapped. This unit was originally delivered to Sony Studios in NYC were it was meticulously maintained and used on countless hits! It's now one of the best examples of this recorder in the eastern US. PS. I can align analog tape machines should you need that service in my area (WNY)


Cedar Ranch Studio Main Room

Both the main room and the drum room have 14' ceilings. There is a fully functioning Hammond C-3 (B-3) organ (recapped) with a Leslie 251 (147) speaker cab. The equipment racks have both vintage and modern gear including Lexicon reverbs and lots of vintage equalization. Mics by Neumann, AKG, Shure.

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