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Here is some miscellaneous
Audio Engineering Fodder 

     Here is the place that I'm posting some miscellaneous papers and articles of general audio engineering interest. I'll try to keep to rarish stuff that can't be found elsewhere.

The Radio Spectrum 1936
A nice frequency spread chart from the late 30's. Things are sure look different from where they are headed today. It's a nice art deco chart.

The Vintage Audio Myth  Editorial by C. H. Preston
Do you think you need a studio full of vintage gear to make good recordings?
Here is a rant that argues against it.

Tanaka AW-850 Series Winding Machine Manual
Here is the English part of the Tanaka AW-850 series coil winding machine.
Note: The missing pages are the Japanese language portions. The manual
has all of the winder info in English.

Why do Audio Transformers Sound Different From Model to Model
  by C. H. Preston  A look inside various transformer topographies
with lots of photos and info you will not find elsewhere.

EMI 849 Solid State Channel Amplifier
A rare EMI 849 channel amplifier manual scanned from a photocopy provided by
vintage gear dealer Port Barlow in Fla.

Altec-Peerless Audio Transformer Dissection Addendum
This is an addendum to my Altec-Peerless 4665/K-241-D Audio Transformer
dissection paper that appeared on my Transformer Design DVD Vol. 2. It shows
new lamination details.

This page will be added to as time permits



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