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 Transformer Re-Issues
 Vintage Windings
has recently introduced an entire line of 
rare  Iconic Vintage Audio Transformers.
Included are: Triad type HS-56, A bifilar
wound HS-56, Triad  HS-29,  Triad HS-50,
Triad HS-52, Altec/Peerless K-241-D.
More info:  Here:      

VintageWindings Introduces an entire line of Rare Iconic Audio Transformers

Vintage Windings OS-3 Old School LCR 3 Band Inductor Equalizer
Here is the Equalizer You've been
       Waiting For!
The Vintage Windings
       OS-3 EQ. A Three Band 100%
       Inductor Based Equalizer. The Best
       of Everything.
       More Info Right: Here:
has recently acquired the
remaining  inventory  and  documentation
for   Lessona,  Bachi,  Essex,  Coil Winding
from  Fisher Baker Corporation
Parts, Manuals, Mechanical Drawings       
More info Here:                                             

VintageWindings Acquires Leesona, Bachi, Essex, Universal Coil Winding Machine Companies

VintageWindings Toroid Vs. Pot Core Inductor - Which is Best?
       Which is better, A Toroid or a Pot
       Core Inductor. Answer: A Toroid!
       Find out why right Here:
VintageWindings paper:
The Cost of Rewinding Layer
 Wound Transformers: Paper
right Here:       

Vintage Windings New Paper The Cost of a Transformer Rewind

VintageWindings Updated Pultec EQP-1A, EQP-1A3 Style Tapped Toroid Inductor Coil
The Re-Engineered Pultec EQP-1A
       Tapped Toroid Inductor Coil !!
       modern accepted inductor values;
       27,33,47,68,82,150mH are Wrong!
       The real math and details along
       with a response curve is Here:
has recently up-
     dated and expanded our Vintage
   Transformer Rewinding Service

More info Here                        

Vintage Windings Expanded Vintage Transformer Rewinding Service

Vintage Windings Complete Pro-Audio Manual Collection
       The VintageWindings Collection
       The Vintage Windings Complete

       Pro-Audio Manual & Catalogs
       Collection is Now On-Line for
Free Download
       Get it all  Here
     VintageWindings Paper
Wideband Audio Transformers- A
look into why some Vintage Audio
Transfomers are so in demand 60
years after they were Manufactured.
Read all about it: 
Vintage Windings Wideband K-241-D Style Input Transformer

VintageWindings Pultec EQP-1A Facts & Fiction
       VintageWindings Paper The Pultec
       EQP-1A Facts & Fiction - This paper
       includes all of the
Original EQP-1A
       Filter Data!!
First time ever on the
       web!! Here it is...
          VintageWindings Paper Wideband
          Guitar Pickups: A completely new
          approach to winding guitar and
          bass pickups for maximum band-
          width and clean sound.
Vintage Windings Wideband Guitar Pickups

Vintage Windings Pultec Style MEQ-5 Toroid Inductor Set
       Vintage Windings Tapped

       Toroid Audio Filter Coils for
       Pultec MEQ-5 Style Midrange

        More Info Here
           Vintage Windings Complete         
             Ferrite Core Inductor Set                
    Sphere 900 series Equalizers
More Info Here                    
Vintage Windings Complete Filter Unit for Pultec EQP-1A
Chris Preston Custom Guitar

        A Rare Recently Completed
        Custom Chris Preston
        Details  Here      

             Vintage Windings Complete         
Filter Unit for Pultec Type
   EQP-1A EQP-1A3 Equalizers
More Info Here                  
Vintage Windings Complete Filter Unit for Pultec EQP-1A

VintageWindings Pro-Audio Manuals and Catalogs on DVD
       Vintage Windings Tapped
       Toroid Audio Filter Coils
        More Info Here
         Fianally Here! Vintage Windings         
Wideband K-241-D, 4665, 4745
Style Input Transformers Made
  Just Like The Originals!!              
              See Transformer Page for details               
Vintage Windings Wideband K-241-D Style Input Transformer

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